Hi! We’re Whitegates Wuzzies*, and we’re a family that’s beesotted by bees – and the beeautiful natural bounty they bring to us and our world.

Our garden hives are buzzing with life and we’re busy as bees too, transforming their honey and beeswax into wonderful organic cosmetics, soothing bath bombs, fragrant candles and handy eco-friendly wraps to share with you.

Enjoy! Claire, Alex and the boys

The Colony


We hand craft the wonderfully versatile natural wax our bees produce into a range of candles, melts and lovely beeswax furniture polish. We want to make sure that none of the hard work our busy little friends put in goes to waste, so we work hard ourselves - to make the most of every last drop of their wax and honey.

*About our name.... our boys Charlie and Jack love our bees and getting creative with their natural products every bit as much as we do. When they were very, very small they called them ‘wuzzies’ – and, well, it has just stuck. And our house is called Whitegates – so that’s why we’re called Whitegates Wuzzies!



Broken crayons still colour...

Sometimes with handmade items things don't always go quite to plan, and we occasionally end up with creations which aren't quite perfect in looks but are perfectly good to use. So, ‘waste not want not’, (Claire's originally from Yorkshire, after all!) we offer them to you at specially reduced prices.

If you don't mind a kinky candle, a bath bomb with a slightly dodgy decoration - or just love a bargain like we do – why not take a look at the one-off’s on offer in Misbeehaving?



Go on, treat yourself to the natural therapeutic benefits (and luxury!) of our soothing lip balms and aromatic, stress-and-anxiety-busting bath bombs – a great way to relax when you’ve been buzzing around like a busy bee or simply want to bliss out in your space with some ‘me time’.

All of our products are kind to the body and mind, kind to the skin and kind to Mother Nature too – we craft them by hand using 100% natural ingredients, with no nasty chemicals or preservatives and no animal testing (just testing by us and the boys – though they can be little monkeys at times!).  So relax, and bee pampered!

Bee assured: All Whitegates Wuzzies 🐝  cosmetic products have been through an official Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment and are compliant to both EU and UK cosmetic regulations.



Show that special someone who makes your heart buzz with joy just how much you care with one of our beeautiful Valentines gifts...